International Ballet Competition

For the first time online

25.02-01.03.2021, The Hague, The Netherlands





- IBC “Anna Pavlova 2021” will be held online from February 25 to March 1, 2021 on the Zoom platform.


- When login Zoom (1st and 2nd rounds of the competition) all competitors must indicate first her / his competitor’s number (for each category a separate competitor’s number) and then call  themselves by  full name (in Latin letters). Contestants who do not give their full name and do not indicate their competitor’s number when entering Zoom will not be allowed to enter the contest viewing room.


- Participation fee is -50% of the fee for the real "live" competition:

Soloists (all categories) 40 euros

Pas de deux 30 euros for each participant (participation of one of the performers outside the competition is not allowed)

Ensemble 2-4 performers 25 euros for each performer

Ensemble of 5 or more participants 15 euros for each performer

The participation fee must be paid after confirmation of receiving of the contestant's application, to which the bank details of the “Anna Pavlova Foundation” will be sent for payment, no later than February 15, 2021.

If the contestant participates in 2 or more categories- discount -50% for each subsequent category.

Discount for the second child in the family participating in the competition -50%

Russian citizens should pay participation fee in rubles at the CBR exchange rate on the date of payment to the Bank account of the ballet Theatre "Choreographic miniatures" (Bank account details will be sent to participant upon receiving of the application).


- Soloists in any age group perform one or two variations (classical dance - the contestant must notify in the application how many variations she / he will perform, one or two). In other solo categories and in ensembles, 1 dance is allowed.

If the contestant or the ensemble wishes to perform more dances / variations, this is allowed by agreement with the organizers for an additional entrance fee of 15 euros for soloists and participants in the Pas de deux category ( for each participant) for each additional variation / Pas de deux; 10 euros for each participant of an additional performance in an ensemble of 2-4 performers; 5 euros for each participant of an ensemble of 5 or more performers.


- An additional fee of 5 euros is paid for the ability to view all competitive performances (access to view on Zoom).

- Additionally paid for master classes. Within the framework of the competition, 3 master classes in classical, character and contemporary dance are planned. The cost of one master class is 5 euros, two master classes are 9 euros, and three master classes are 12.5 euros. Master classes will be held on Sunday 28.02.2021. You can find out about the time of the master classes in the schedule, which will be published soon.

The application for viewing all competitive performances and for participation in master classes is sent by the contestant to the e-mail address russianballetnl@gmail.com

together with the application for participation. You can also submit your application via the contest website https://www.annapavlovacontest.com/novaya-stranica

Payment for participation in master classes and for viewing all competitive performances - together with payment of the participant's fee or separately, but no later than 24.02.21


- Each registered participant of the contest after payment of the fee will receive by e-mail their participant’s number / numbers and an invitation to join the Zoom conference no later than 24.02.21 with a link to log in. This link is valid for all days of the contest. Those who paid for viewing the contest will have access to the Zoom conference competition viewing room. All other participants are in the Zoom conference waiting room until the time of the performance. Each participant will have access to the competition viewing room approximately 5 minutes before the time of their performance.

Each participant will be informed about the performance time on 26-27.02.21 by the organizers of the competition no later than 24.02.21


- Each registered participant of the contest will receive a participant’s number / numbers (if they participate in different categories). Numbers are issued according to the date of birth of the participant, starting from the youngest. In each age group, the performances of the participants in the main second round of the competition will take place according to the participant’s numbers from the youngest to the oldest participant. If a contestant participates in several categories, they will receive an additional number for each category.


- The scores of the jury members whose students participate in the competition are not counted for this contestant.


- 25.02 - the first round of the competition, online classical dance lesson (45 minutes).

Teachers Tatiana Petrova (CV) and Vladislav Kuramshin (CV). The lesson will be conducted in English and Russian (with English translation).

The lesson will be held separately for age groups: 1) Mini-kids + Pre-competitive (age 4-8 years); 2) Junior + Middle (age 9-14 years); 3) Senior + Professional (age 15-21). For the exact time of the lessons, see the competition schedule.

The contestants can submit an application to the competition organizers if they want to show a lesson with a different age group (more difficult or easier). Applications will be reviewed by the competition organizers.

The first round of the competition (lesson) was introduced by the organizers in the format of an online competition in order to get better acquainted with the participants and their level of training. The members of the competition jury will be present online at each of the lessons and give the contestants a preliminary scores.


- Each participant must prepare for the first round of the competition (lesson) their own competitor’s number (2 pieces) measuring 20 x 12 cm, black clearly distinguishable numbers on a white background. This number must be pinned or sewn on the front and back of the ballet uniform by each participant during the first round of the competition.

Ballet uniform for the 1st round of the competition - a sleeveless ballet leotard of any color for girls (skirts and other accessories – leg warmers, shorts, warm-up sweaters - are not allowed), a white T-shirt and tights in black or gray color for boys.


- Preliminary scores for the first round can be found after the end of the competition. They will be published on the website www.annapavlovacontest.com

 together with the results of the competition.


- 26-27. 02.21 - the second main round of the competition. The performances of the contestants are possible in two options:

1) View the video sent by the participant, shot no earlier than 01.03.2020. The video must contain a variation, a dance, a choreographic miniature, a fragment of a performance, of a concert. Performance - in costume on stage, in a ballet studio or at home, if the size of the room suits the requirements of the choreography. The participant's  number is not required to be attached to the costume.

2) Contestants who have the opportunity can perform live and dance in real time via live stream from their ballet studio, on stage or at home (if the size of the room suits to the choreography being performed). Performance – in a stage costume. The participant's  number is not required to be attached to the costume

3) It is also possible to combine the two options, that is, the participant can send a video of one variation, and the other dance live. Or the variation is performed live, and the ensemble is recorded.


- Performances of girls are possible both on pointe shoes and in soft ballet shoes. Girls who perform on pointe shoes are evaluated in subgroup A. Girls who perform in soft ballet shoes are evaluated in subgroup B (except for the Mini-kids + Pre-competitive age groups – however, pointe shoes are allowed in these age groups).


- 28.02.21 - master classes:

1) classical dance - teachers Vladislav Kuramshin and Tatiana Petrova (with a large number of applicants of different ages, 2 lessons for different age groups are possible). The master class will be conducted in Russian with an English translation.

2) character (folk-stage) dance - teacher Tatiana Petrova. The master class will be conducted in Russian/English.

3) modern dance (contemporary) – teacher Federica Fasano. The master class will be conducted in English (with possible translation into Russian / Italian / Spanish).


The duration of each master class is 1 hour. After the end of it, teachers can answer questions live for 15 minutes in the order they are received. Questions should be sent in advance or during the lesson in the conference chat. Teachers can also answer questions by email if the time limit is reached.



- 01.03.21 - announcement of the results of the competition. The results of the contest will also be published on the contest website https://www.annapavlovacontest.com/ruzultvty-ibc

- All contestants, regardless of the result, will be sent the diplomas of IBC “Anna Pavlova 2021” participants by email.

- All laureates and winners of the competition will also receive prize diplomas by email.


- All prize winners wishing to receive medals by mail must submit an application to the organizers no later than 5 days after the contest’s end via email russianballetnl@gmail.com

 showing postal addresses. The cost of sending the contestant pays him / herself, the cost of sending depends on the country and place of residence of the recipient.


- As a special prizes Foundation "Anna Pavlova" (The Netherlands), Academy of Classical Russian Ballet (St. Petersburg / The Hague / Rotterdam) and the ballet Theatre "Choreographic miniatures" (St. Petersburg, Russia) will provide the winners and laureates of the contest discounts 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% (Grand Prix, first, second and third place in category soloists) to participate in summer intensive ballet programs 2021 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Prague, Czech Republic or The Hague, The Netherlands (the choice of the prize winner of the contest).


- By entering, the participant or his legal representative agrees to the contest rules, and confirms that  he / she has rights to use the music and choreography for performance of the dance / variation.



***THE GENERAL RULES OF THE COMPETITION CAN BE FOUND ON THE  WEBSITE https://www.annapavlovacontest.com/pravila-uchastiya-v-konkurse