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"Young Russia-Benelux Grand Prix 2015» results 

The Hague, Netherlands 


GRAND PRIX - not awarded


Pre-competitive group:

Polikarpova Marusya (age 5) - 1st place - Special Hope Award (Russia / The   


Soltani Nina (age 6) - 2nd place (Netherlands)

Draganova Victoria (age 7) - 3rd place (Netherlands)


Children group:

Tomashoff Anna Catharina (age 10) - 1st place (Austria)

2 place ---------------------------------- 

3 place ----------------------------------


Middle age group:

1st place - Sofia Mangileva (age12), (Russia, Ekaterinburg)

1st place-Polina Morozova (age 12), (Russia, Saint Petersburg)

2nd place - Amelie van de Klashorst (age 12), (Netherlands)

3rd place - Sosimova Anastasia (age 14), (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)


Senior group

1st place - David Vermeulen (age 18), (Netherlands)

2nd place-David Sobolevsky (age 17), (Russia, St. Petersburg)

3rd place ---------------------------------



1st place - "Tarantella" - (Netherlands) - Amelie van de Klashorst and David Vermelen

2nd place ---------------------------

3rd place - "Fairy doll" Pizzicato- (Netherlands) - Elizabeth and Maria Price

3rd place - Clowns of "the Nutcracker" - (Netherlands) - Polina Polikarpova & Ksenia Pugaeva (Russia).


Modern choreography

1st place - Polina Morozova (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

1st place - Mangileva Sofia (Russia, Ekaterinburg)

2nd place-David Sobolevsky - (Russia, Saint Petersburg)

2nd place - Alicia Tolchinsky - (UK)

3rd place   ---------------------



1-place ----------------------------

2nd place- March of Dwarfs (Netherlands) - Polina Polikarpova, Elizabeth Price, Maria Price, Ksenia Pugaeva, Victoria Draganova, Anna Sophie van Galen, Nina Soltani

3rd place ----------------------------


Pas de Deux

1st place - "Flower Festival in Genzano" (Netherlands) - Amelie van de Klashorst and David Vermelen

2nd place ------------------------------------

3rd place ------------------------------------



1st place-Polina Morozova - (St. Petersburg, Russia)

1st place-Elena Duryagina- (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

2nd place-Regina Strokina - (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

2nd place - Alicia Tolchinsky - (UK)

3rd place ---------------------


Special jury prize for expressiveness and artistry:

Millar Beatrice (United Kingdom)


Diploma of the youngest participant:

Polikarpova Marusia (age 5, Russia / the Netherlands)


Special jury prize for contribution to the development of choreographic art:


Almira Osmanovic

Petrova Tatiana



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